WHMIS Online Training Certificate

Frequently Asked Questions

Does HR Proactive’s WHMIS Training meet Compliance Requirements?
Our WHMIS training is the most comprehensive training package on the market. Developed and reviewed by our team of health & safety professionals, our training materials cover the GHS-integrated WHMIS standard and are kept up-to-date with any changes to legislation. Training meets mandatory compliance requirements in all provinces.

Can I view the WHMIS video before purchasing?
To view a demo of HR Proactive’s best-selling WHMIS video, click the Demo link provided. For a full video preview, call us at 1.888.552.1155 or email sales@hrproactive.com.

How can I customize the WHMIS training materials?
HR Proactive’s WHMIS training includes assets provided in Word Format allowing our clients to customize their employee training. Our comprehensive Leader Guide provides details and tips for Facilitators in rolling-out a training workshop to meet their needs and industry-specific requirements which further enhances the training value to participants. An optional PowerPoint Presentation is included.

What Methods of Delivery are available for WHMIS Training?
HR Proactive’s WHMIS Training Kits are available through the purchase of our Video Download Package or Video Streaming Service. The video and itemized assets are ready to download upon completion of your purchase and will not be sent through regular mail delivery. Our WHMIS training is also available through a Licencing Agreement or as an Online Training Centre which can be hosted on our Learning Management System (LMS) or purchase as a SCORM compliant package uploaded to your LMS.

What is the WHMIS Video Download Package?
Our WHMIS Video Download Package does not require an internet connection for viewing. Just download the video and assets to your personal computer, laptop or mobile device. This package allows you to train your workers at any worksite location.

What is the WHMIS Video Streaming Service?
HR Proactive’s Video Streaming Service requires an internet connection to facilitate video-based WHMIS training to your workers. This package includes unlimited streaming of our WHMIS video for one year. You will be provided with log-in credentials to access the video and assets. Log-in credentials can only be used by one user at a time to access your account.

Can I purchase more than one log-in to your WHMIS training video?
HR Proactive’s WHMIS Training Online offers the option to purchase individual or multiple log-ins. Click on the link https://onlinewhmisghs.ca/ for further information. HR Proactive’s hosted LMS or Licensing Service also provide alternate training solutions.

Is there a limit to the number of times I can access the WHMIS Training Materials?
HR Proactive’s WHMIS Video Download Package provides you with unlimited access to the WHMIS video and WHMIS training assets. HR Proactive’s WHMIS Video Streaming Package allows you one-year unlimited access to our WHMIS video and WHMIS training assets. Both packages allow you to train new hires and provide refresher training throughout the year with no limitations.

What is HR Proactive’s WHMIS Video Licensing option?
HR Proactive’s Licensing option provides you with a link to download our WHMIS video in MP4 format to your Company’s HRIS or Learning Management System. This non-transferable single Licensing Agreement gives access to our WHMIS training materials by multiple trainers at one company location or one trainer at multiple company locations. Additional Licensing Agreements would be required where there is a different trainer at each of the multiple company locations.

As a Consultant/Trainer, can I use HR Proactive’s WHMIS training materials for my clients?
HR Proactive offers our Partner Program for Consultants, Trainers and HR Professionals to resell our training materials to your client base. To learn more about our Reseller Agreement, visit the following link: https://hrreseller.com/.

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