HR Proactive's Hosted LMS with WHMIS Certificate

HR Proactive’s online compliance training portal has many courses for you to choose from including WHMIS Online with test and WHMIS Certificate of Completion. This HR Proactive hosted solution is a one-stop shop for your WHMIS compliance training and policy needs.


Our WHMIS Online Training will provide you with knowledge to help you deal more safely with hazardous materials, and keep your workplace safe from the dangers posed by these materials. This will better ensure your own safety and the safety of others.

Our WHMIS Online Training includes a 20-minute video, WHMIS test and downloadable WHMIS Certificate of Completion.

Topics covered in our WHMIS Online Training include:

  • Basics of WHMIS
  • WHMIS 2015 GHS Legislation and Enforcement (including responsibilities)
  • WHMIS Labels (Workplace and Supplier)
  • Protective Personal Equipment (PPE)
  • Safety Data Sheets (SDSs)
  • Hazard classes and their WHMIS Pictograms
  • Rights and Responsibilities
  • WHMIS Training and Education

What Is The Online Training Centre?

The online training centre is a full-service portal to house your company’s Human Resources and Health and Safety training products and documents. Its ease of use is ideal for workers to access your company’s training manuals, employee handbook, health and safety manual, and other policies and procedures in one place. The back-end database has been set up via the video and quizzes to track the progress of your learners. By providing a captivating interactive environment with dynamic content, online training not only effectively keeps your workers up-to-date but engaged as well.

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Track learner progress online

Printable reports

WHMIS Certificate of Completion

Compliant with relevant legislation

Customizable with your brand/logo

Legislated updates included

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